About us

When thinking about a data consultancy...

You have to think about what a group is all about, but should also be thinking about what they are trying to avoid


Why we started Synthesis

  • Our observation was that companies were using data to justify tactics already conceived

  • Data should be at the core of all business transformation, and countless independent studies have proven the commercial benefits of this

  • Synthesis provides the know-how to identifying opportunities and solutions for a business and second effective incorporation of data into day-to-day business processes

  • Our mission is to make data-driven, digital transformation accessible to small and mid-sized B2C organizations, by leveraging our first-hand experience executing data-driven strategies for some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world

  • Evidence based decision making

  • Balancing art vs science

  • Helping to monetize the data and tech you already have, identifying opportunities to drive measurable business value

  • Working with you to define a plan that will address the needs of your business

  • Demystifying data science and digital transformation with clear, concise actions plans in simple English

  • Helping to spot opportunities reduce redundancy in technology or process

  • Partnering with you every step of the way, from initial discussions right through to measuring the impact

  • Helping you know how to execute in a sustainable way that will stick for the long term

  • Leveraging an extensive network of industry partners if required

What we are all about


What we are not all about

  • Finding opportunities to use data because it’s possible or for the sake of it

  • Selling pre-packaged solutions or products that may or may not be suitable for your situation

  • Using buzzwords or jargon. Communicating in overly convoluted way for effect

  • Protecting legacy processes even if we think redundancy or opportunity to improve exists

  • Making recommendations or implementing changes then having no interest in the results as “our work is done”

  • Encouraging dependency by doing everything for you in a black box

  • Pretending to be experts at everything leading to second rate delivery

  • A small and flexible group with over 50 years combined in marketing, advertising, data sciences, digital experiences and all areas therein

  • A desire to see our recommendations be implemented and measure and guide the optimization – meaningful, lasting changes

  • A focus for specific verticals (we are not a jack of all trades shop)

  • A goal to fully understand your business then work with you to design strategies that make sense in your world, vs pushing pre-packaged solutions

  • A network of practitioners who can help implement changes as required


What we bring to the table


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