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Turn data into your
competitive edge.


How do you increase sales? Acquire more customers? Improve marketing effectiveness?
We'll show you
Why Data Matters.

Our mission at Why Data Matters is to make data-driven, digital transformation accessible to small and mid-sized B2C organizations, by leveraging our first-hand experience delivering data-led optimization strategies for the biggest brands and agencies in the world.

Your goal as a business is to grow a distinct and ongoing edge over your competition in as many areas  as possible. We will show you how to use the data you already have to optimize your sales, marketing and digital efforts and step change your revenue and profitability. 








Website or App 


We deliver measurable 

financial growth

Countless studies have shown the undeniable link between an organization's ability to use its data and their financial performance. We'll identify and work with you on only the opportunities that will provide a clear, measurable financial impact to ensure the ROI is clear, before you commit.


Sources: PWC, BCG, Bain & Co, The Economist

Over 70% of organizations with very strong use of data are the top financial performers in their industry


Source: Economist Intelligence Unit


What exactly do we do?

First and foremost, we spend time understanding your business to determine what you really need and what would have the greatest impact on your business (measured by bottom line improvement). We'll then work with you, alongside our team of cutting-edge data-scientists, throughout the journey, providing everything from strategic development through to technical implementation and change management, as required.

Use Cases

Our Impact

Our team has deep practical, and industry knowledge and understand how to effectively harness and apply insights to your businesses strategy, operations, marketing, and customers. We will help drive meaningful and transformational changes in how you succeed and win business. We are technologically agnostic and will work with existing systems or help integrate platforms, systems, and ways of working within your organization.  

8% increase in new customers delivered by machine-learning driven targeted marketing


The Situation

A large multi-national financial service provider saw new applications of their flagship credit cards gradually decline, with channel data showing it was primarily driven by reduced effectiveness of their targeted marketing campaigns.

The Solution

A new targeting strategy was devised by firstly sourcing third-party data to enhance their understanding of each customers financial profile and then developing a machine learning model to determine look-a-likes of those most likely to be in-market for a new card.

A 8% Increase in new card enrollments was realized within the first 3 months of execution.


The Situation

A national grocery retailer was looking for opportunities to drive profitability of one of it’s under-performing brands and after an initial consultation it was discovered that pricing could be an opportunity as had never developed a holistic pricing strategy.

The Solution

A data-driven pricing strategy was developed, using a combination of data analysis, machine learning models and customer research, that considered price elasticity, competitive price position, customer price perception and profitability. The revised pricing strategy was implemented into stores and garnered a 3% increase in net-profits within just 12 weeks.


Price optimiztion
strategy delivers 
incremental 3% in net profits for retailer


Data-driven site personalization results in 16% increase in online orders


The Situation

One of the world's largest appliance manufacturers was looking to simplify their online shopper's experience when sifting through a complex and wide product offering.

The Solution

By leveraging real-time capture of digital shopper behaviours, new and customized shopper audiences were uncovered allowing for a personalized product advisor experience that drove a 16% increase in online orders.


Our Team

We're passionate about data and we own up to the nerds that we are, but our experience and impact goes far beyond just that.


Reuben Segelbaum

Reuben is a passionate senior marketing executive with experience in all facets of brand and customer equity development, culminating in data-driven, cross channel connections strategies. He has an extensive background in digital strategy, customer experience, marketing integration, and data management. 


Will Pearl

Will is a data-driven marketing and analytics leader with over
15 years’ experience helping businesses to achieve financial growth through the creative application of data to business problems. Expertise Retail, Travel, Financial Services and Customer Loyalty programs.

bitmoji hemash.png

Hemash Bhatti

Hemash is a passionate digital marketing and data strategist who has, over the last decade, helped to enable an evidence based mindset become a key cultural ideal in organizations, grown their insights and analysis competencies, and fostered testing and optimization practices.

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